Rip N Dip
Skateboard and Apparel Shop 
Los Angeles, California  
Completed August 2018

Los Angeles-based streetwear brand RIPNDIP has recently opened their first flagship store on the famed shopping district and skateboarding strip of Fairfax Ave - a permanent home that replaced the multiple long-running and successful pop-up shops. RIPNDIP’s first brick and mortar flagship finds the owner and creative force behind the brand, Ryan O'Connor teaming with LA-based architect J-Byron H. for the design of the interior; a slick, sculptural space that aims to be at once a sophisticated elevation of the brand's image and a confirmation of its playful, youthful identity. The design came together as a collection of inspirations - above all the protagonist of RIPNDIP itself, a cat named Lord Nermal.

Here, Nermal is at home, immersed on the set of a glossy rap music video illusion with mirrored surfaces, luminous screens, and a stark white-on-white palette; a clear nod to the work of director Hype Williams. Cat toys inspire the bold shapes that scatter across the space. Out-of-scale tubes, circles, and squiggly lines play across shoe shelving, display racks, tables, and clothing racks. RIPNDIP’s signature Nermal camouflage makes an appearance in a custom neon lighting element that spans the ceiling and the iconic middle-finger gesture gets over-sized and abstracted as shelves for the brand's tees and jackets. For a lifestyle brand with a loyal following like RIPNDIP, the flagship had to serve not only as a point of purchase, but as a streetwear pilgrimage destination that would be visually striking and fully immersive - without taking itself too seriously.


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